Karachi – Target killings

About Karachi’s situation “everything” is under the control by Army(establishment?).
You might be surprised by that statment but that is true.
You may have read very small one column news few months ago in known newspapers(jung and express) that Pakistan army got around 600 footages, cctv camera vedeos, mobile camera videos and videos prepared by agencies spys, agencies and army people and they are analyzing these videos and will start crack down after that.
Now you can say its really a “target killing”. Those members of MQM who were involved in looting stores, killing people or other voilance stuff are now being cracked by agencies.

You should now have better idea why Altaf Hussain has changed his tune.
As long as MQM was killing people everything was fine now MQM people are being killed by other groups things seems worst in Altaf Bhai’s eyes.