Karachi – Target killings

About Karachi’s situation “everything” is under the control by Army(establishment?).
You might be surprised by that statment but that is true.
You may have read very small one column news few months ago in known newspapers(jung and express) that Pakistan army got around 600 footages, cctv camera vedeos, mobile camera videos and videos prepared by agencies spys, agencies and army people and they are analyzing these videos and will start crack down after that.
Now you can say its really a “target killing”. Those members of MQM who were involved in looting stores, killing people or other voilance stuff are now being cracked by agencies.

You should now have better idea why Altaf Hussain has changed his tune.
As long as MQM was killing people everything was fine now MQM people are being killed by other groups things seems worst in Altaf Bhai’s eyes.


Raymond Davis Case and Pakistan’s survival

Raymond Davis case is affecting the 60 years old, strong bilateral relationships between Pakistan and America. If this case is lasting it would force US to cut-down the aid which Pakistan get every year.
Let us take an overview of how where US helped Pakistan.

1. In late 70s and during the decade of 80s in Afghan-Russia war, US gave huge aid to Pakistan in terms of cash and ammunition so Pakistan could help afghan gorilla to keep their war carry on against Russian attack.

2. During the earthquake in October 2005, US was the top country aid providing countries in the world. USA gave aid in terms of Cash, fuel, strategic help. US provided their helicopters, plan to carry the victims from effected area to safe places and also they provided food, and other equipment to that effected area. Initially they provided 50$ Million and then 1 Billion $ as second installment.

3. In 2010 flood when 2/3 of Pakistan’s covered area was under the flood. United States of America provided the 70 million USD aid to Pakistan as first installment. Pakistan has many all seasonal friends including but not limited to china and Saudi Arabia. However in terms of aid they were not even closer to that what US provided to Pakistan.

Now let us analyze the possible circumstance where Raymond Davis killed 2 Pakistani guys.
After when media published the videos/photos of the those guys Faizan and Faheem(killed by Raymond Davis) there were 2 persons who claimed that those guys robbed them few hours before that accident. Which sustain our assumption that those were addicted robbers. The existence of the pistol along with bullets also provide evidence to our assumption that he killed those guys for self-defense.

Now lets come to the phenomenon that those guys were not robbers and were just following them to take their snapshots with their ammunition. Well everyone one knows the anti-USA sentiment which exist in Pakistan, how do we expect that in this type of environment American personals(irrespective of being diplomats or not) would travel without security?
If I know in particular area people hate me, and would kill me if anyone would get a chance, If had to go there I would definitely go with emulation in order keep myself beheaded.

It’s not the matter of emotions it’s a matter of survival of Pakistan. Pakistan now a days in worst ever economic and strategic crisis in its 65 years life history. They should return Rymond Davis, irrespective of his being diplomatic status.
Its a matter of 170 million people where most of them don’t even why the they are on this planet.

The islamic parties like Islamic Front(Jamat-e-Islmi) on one vote them, they are not able to get single seat. they just hijack the controversal issues and running their day-to-day operations. They have around 0.1 million registered members on all the Long march(so call long march) they just pay them wages and blackmail governments. This is the way to stay alive in media.

Again it’s not the matter of emotions its a matter of survival for our beloved country Pakistan.

Martial law Pakistan 2010

Looks like the recent disaster in the result of flood will be proven as the last straw which was sustaining our democratic government. The recent flood which effect around 140Million people around the country. Most effected parts are Khayber PakhtoonKhowa(formally known as NWFP), south Punjab and few parts of Sindh which are connect with Punjab.
The disaster over disaster is our president is on foreign tour at this critical situation making people more angry. However international media is also not in the favor of President Zardari. Few shameful headings are as fellow.
“Prime Minister Cameron should have count his finger after shaking hands with Pakistani Mr. 10%”.

The in-house show of Pakistan Peoples Party was flop badly and put some forever living spots on the face of President. A middle aged member of Pakistan Peoples party threw his shoes towards President Zardari, fortunately not touched to him.

Darkest part of this whole scenario is establishment is planning to take advantage form this situation. Coming few months are very very critical in the political environment of Pakistan.
Here are few of the arrangements which I am looking happened in coming few months.

1. Either President Zardari who is at his worst political position in the history of his political career will either be forced for resigned, and to leave President house. If Zardari wouldn’t accept this then either of the one situation will be there.

Country will be see 4th Martial law, and General Kayani will take over the regime and all the other political will have to struggle again for so called democracy.

The current government will be dissolved and establishment will impose a National Government.

Dear fellow nation Country is going to suffered in the worst political situation. Lets pray for its stability and let this worst govt. to complete its turn.

Raheel Afzal’s first blog…

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